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We are a family oriented dental practice serving the needs of both children and adults. Our experienced team of helpful and friendly doctor’s are here to give you the highest quality dental care.

Our office is located at 15136 South Harlan Road, Lathrop, CA.  In the Savemart shopping center/next to Mikasa  the japanese restaraunt.

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Mercury Free and Safe removal

Dr. Tran is committed to being a mercury safe dentist. Many dentists in recent years have stopped placing amalgam fillings, but a poll taken a couple of years ago showed that nationwide approximately half of dentists still use amalgam.

It is not enough for a dentist to be “mercury free”. We believe it is also vitally important to be “mercury safe.” Anytime an old filling is being replaced, for whatever reason, there is a potential for a dangerous amount of mercury vapor released.

The patient, the dentist, the dental assistant, and the environment are at risk if appropriate and effective protection protocols are not followed. When it’s time for your amalgam fillings to be removed, we purposefully take safety precautions to protect your health:

We use a special high tech vacuum system/suction to protect you from the exposure of high vapors.

Our rooms are constantly being filtered for mercury both during an after amalgam removal procedures.

Once your fillings have been removed, it is important they are replaced with a material that is bio-friendly as possible. While no foreign material is completely biocompatible, we offer you the best, most stable composites to preserve your health.